Finding an internship in the middle of the 2nd or 3rd year is quite a tiring task…more so when you’ve limited resources and knowledge about the outer corporate world. All you heard or seen the offices of the top product-based companies like Google, Microsoft, etc and you knew you wanted to work there one day. But what if we say that you can get into one of these companies before graduating? Yes, by getting an internship, you can get the early pass to grab your seat in one of the top product-based companies of your choice.

Top Off-Campus Internships For 2nd Year College Students (Google, Microsoft, Amazon..)


With all these thoughts, you must be thinking about why you need an internship in the 2nd year or 3rd Year – so early in your career when you’re not even a fully knowledgeable coder. Here, you go into a professional set-up and work under professionals. You’ll understand the areas where you’re lacking which isn’t possible when coding alone. Under scrutinizing eyes, your code will be assessed critically. You will then be able to find out loopholes in your skills and thus do better.

Also, you’ll get to show off work experience in your resume which will impress recruiters and show them your willingness to gain more worldly experience and knowledge. Now let’s see what are the prerequisites/skills you need to apply for an internship.

Pre-Requisites To Get an Internship in Product-Based Companies

Being a 2nd-year student, you should focus on getting your basics right. You must get yourself familiar with Data Structures and Algorithms. To get an internship, you must also be proficient in one of the following areas:

Areas/Skills in which you can explore: (choose anyone based on your interest)

  1. Web Development (HTML, CSS , JavaScript)
  2. Application Development (Kotlin, Java)
  3. AI and Machine Learning (Python)
  4. Web Frameworks

To be eligible for an internship, you need to manage your time between data structures and one of the above. Although Data Structures & algorithms remain a priority, being fluent in the above-mentioned points, it is also necessary to explore and understand the other mentioned topics.

Top Coding Competitions & Hackathons To Get Internships

1. GSoC (Google Summer of Code)

Google Summer of Code is a one-of-a-kind program in which students work with mentors who introduce them to the Open Source community and lead them in working on real-world open-source projects during their summer vacation from university. During their college break, students will work on a programming project with an open-source group for 12+ weeks. You can check the program dates on the Google Summer of Code 2023 Timeline and program rules at GSoCRules.

Stipend – Stipends are paid in two installments, one following each successful assessment. Your assessment and payment schedule will be different if your project is longer. The first evaluation will take place halfway through your project (e.g. For a 16-week project the evaluation will occur after week 8).

For a minimumsized project, the stipend is from 1500USD (Rs.1,19,462.62 approx.) to 3300USD (Rs.2,72,654 approx.) and for largesized projects, the stipend will be $6000 (Rs. 4,95,765 approx.) to $6600(Rs.5,45,341 approx.). If you’re a beginner and wondering about preparation strategies, here’s How to Prepare For GSoC (Google Summer of Code) – A Complete Guide

Application Link: GSoC

2. STEP(Student Training in Engineering Program)

STEP (Student Training in Engineering Program), formerly known as Engineering Practicum, is considered Google’s second top internship cum hiring program. It is a 12-week internship for first and second-year undergraduate students who are passionate about computer science.

The main focus of this internship program is to provide development opportunities to students from groups who feel underrated and has great knowledge and hands-on in tech. This unique internship offers the opportunity to work on a software project alongside other program interns and full-time employees and also provides the chance to bridge the gap between academic understanding and practical professional experience.


  • The student should be in B.Tech 2nd year in Computer Science or a related field.
  • Proficient in any one programming language C, C++, Java, JavaScript, or Python.

There are two date options provided:

  • May 22, 2023 – August 11, 2023
  • June 19, 2023 – September 8, 2023. 

Application Link: Google STEP

3. Microsoft’s Engage Intern Program

Microsoft Engage is a mentorship program run by Microsoft in June and July for exclusively 2nd Year students. Applications open around the conclusion of the second year (this timeframe may vary per institution), and individuals from specified universities are chosen. The chosen ones get an internship opportunity with Microsoft. 

Application Link: Microsoft’s Engage Intern Program

4. Amazon WOW

Amazon Wow is a great opportunity for women students who are enrolled in a Bachelor’s or Master’s Degree in engineering or a related computer science field to actively participate in skill-building sessions, utilize available resources and converse with alumni on their career experiences. It is a coding competition in which there will be one Online test and Two Technical interviews and the selected participants get the opportunity for internship and full-time jobs as well.

To know more about WOW, must refer to AMAZON WOW

5. Flipkart GRiD 4.0

GRiD is a Software Development Challenge for engineering students organized by Flipkart that provides an opportunity to apply technical knowledge and skills, compete for as well as complete the key challenges. In its fourth revision, it has become more interesting as it brings real-world problem statements from all around the world to the brightest engineering minds throughout the globe.


  • It is open to all students enrolled in B.Tech/B.E./B.S./M.Tech/M.S. or related Engineering.
  • Team participation of 2-3 participants is a must.
  • It is open to all branches.

For more details, you can refer to Flipkart GRid

6. Codegoda 2023

Codegoda is a coding competition for coders, by coders. It is organized by Agoda having more than 20k participants in over 94 countries. It is open to all coding competitions which means students from any year or after graduation can participate and win exciting prizes as well as handsome Placement Assistance into big tech giants. It gives you access to compete with coders all around the world and apply your skills and knowledge of algorithms, data structures, logical reasoning, and more to solve algorithmic problems.

Prizes : 

  • Winner – $3500
  • 1st Runner Up- $2000
  • 2nd Runner Up- $1000

Application Link: Codegoda by Agoda

For more details, refer to Codegoda

7. Samsung’s Parichay

Samsung Parichay is an initiative designed to foster long-term collaboration between Samsung Research Bangalore and academics. This is an opportunity for 2nd Year Engineering students to demonstrate their coding talents and gain an internship at SRI Bangalore following their second year. The internship experience will expose students to major technological trends and provide them with the opportunity to work on cutting-edge technologies.

The stipend is somewhere around Rs. 50,000/month and the internship period is around 2 months (May-July). 

Application Link: Samsung’s Parichay

8. Atlassian’s Hack @ Home

The Atlassian Hack@Home coding challenge was designed to engage 2nd and 3rd Year engineering students in a coding activity. The challenge consisted of eliminations across different coding rounds and arrived at a final demo where the students could showcase their work to a larger audience. The challenge runs for five weeks, and somewhere around 8-10 selected colleges can participate in this challenge. 

Application Link: Atlassian’s Hack@Home

How Do I Find And Get Internships?

You can also check out the career pages of the product-based companies and follow their Linkedin pages along with their social media pages to keep up with their news. If you’re fine with getting internships at startups, then you can check internship postings on job board sites like AngelList and Internshala. 

You can even get internships or PPOs in our GeeksforGeeks Get Hired Portal where you can directly apply to well-known product and service-based companies without much hassle.


Internships are a way to upskill yourself while familiarizing yourself with the corporate world. It’s not a battlefield as you think and getting new experience will be beneficial for your career in the longer run. College is the best time to hone your skills before setting out in the real world. Try to connect and network with more people while you’re doing an internship. Connection helps a lot when you’ll try to find a job. Ensure that your resume is up to date and if you haven’t created a resume yet, you can try out GeekforGeeks’ Free Online Resume Builder.